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Cost Per Action Blogging

A blog is a web log that is updated frequently, displaying the latest post at the top. Depending on how it is set up, you can include a great many features (such as search capability) while still leaving room for advertising in the sidebar or even within the body text of your posts. The only caveat is that you can’t do this if your blog is located within a blog community that limits your ability to advertise.

WordPress.org is the resource most commonly used by bloggers just starting out; there is also a healthy community of bloggers located at WordPress.com.   However, keep in mind that these sites do not allow you to do your own advertising within your blog, so you cannot add CPA offers to your blog site.  This pretty much defeats the whole purpose of even having a blog, so you’ll need to look elsewhere for blogging space.

A good alternative is a company like hostgator.com, where you can get hosting for a WordPress site; they will even set the whole thing up for you if you want. This approach requires a minimal cash investment of about $7.95/month, but for that money you are guaranteed that 1) you don’t have to know how to set up WordPress.org yourself, and 2) you can advertise your own CPA offers within the blog.

A blog isn’t really recognized until it is at least three months old. If you are just starting, you can opt to have someone write three month’s worth of postings and then back date them when you post them to your blog. It will make your blog appear to be older than it really is, plus attract more traffic and fewer hassles with people evaluating your blog.

Once you have a blog it’s just a matter of getting people to your posts by commenting on other people’s blogs and bringing them back to your own with a backlink. Also Pinterest is a great source for blog marketing.

The more subscribers you get, the more advertisers you will attract. Until that time comes, though, you can put up your own CPA offers within the blog posts and also on the sidebar.


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